I endorse Roger. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.
— Michael Waddington, Attorney
Roger earns the respect of his fellow attorneys and the appreciation of his clients on cases ranging from misdemeanors to death penalty defense work. Very experienced in criminal appeals.
— Craig Newburger, Attorney

State v. Lanier:  Client was charged with felonious assault.  The conviction and sentence were reversed on appeal.

State v. Royales:  Client was charged with murder.  The sentence was remanded.

State v. Toler:  The client was charged with rape, kidnapping, aggravated robbery and felonious assault with a gun.  After a jury trial, a "not guilty" verdict was issued.

State v. Green:  Client was charged with felonious assault.  He was found "not guilty."

State v. Shaw:  Client was charged with felonious assault.  He was found "not guilty."

State v. Israel:  Client was charged with drug possession.  The defendant's motion to suppress evidence was victorious.

State v. Ramsey:  Client was charged with attempted murder. After a trial, the jury found him "not guilty."

State v. James:  Client was charged with aggravated robbery.  He was found "not guilty" of gun specification.

State v. Glover:  Client was charged with murder.  A motion for a new trial was granted.

Roger Kirk is a dedicated and effective professional who fights for his clients rights. He is highly regarded by his fellow criminal defense lawyers, judges and prosecutors. His extensive knowledge of criminal law comes from his successful defense of thousands of clients over a legal career spanning nearly three decades. Roger is equally effective in the Appellate Court. I would highly recommend Roger.
— Michael Woodford, Attorney